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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hello by Adele for 2016 MTV VMAs! (And please don't let it be Famous by Kanye)

The nomination for this year's MTV Video Music Awards are in, and they are...

Hello by Adele
Formation by Beyonce
Hotline Bling by Drake
Sorry by Justin Bieber
Famous by Kanye West

You know, I love Hello. Here it is:

And I even made a cover (or parody) about the supposed 'other side of the story':

So Hello is definitely my choice.

I wouldn't be disappointed if Beyonce, Justin Bieber or Drake win though. On the other hand, I believe we should all protest loudly if that misogynist piece of crap called Famous wins. I believe, at least, all the Swifties out there would agree with me. It would be, among other things, the ultimate put down of Taylor Swift.