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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Please Don't Make the Private Matters of Jay-Z and Beyonce about Feminist Theory.

4:44, the latest offering from Jay-Z, in which he makes an attempt to apologize to wife Beyonce Knowles regarding his past behaviour, has reignited the feminist discussion around the whole thing, which started when Beyonce released her album Lemonade some time ago.

Some feminists have again heaped praise on Beyonce, whilst others have said that Jay-Z's apology doesn't go far enough. They reckon that Jay-Z should have addressed male privilege and systematic issues, if he was really sincere.

But let me say this: let's not make this a lesson in feminism, shall we? What Jay-Z was doing was a personal apology to his wife, and discussion of structural discrimination issues and privilege wouldn't be appropriate here. A man wouldn't talk about male privilege when apologizing to his wife, right? The feminist thing here is that she made him apologize, full stop.

I am a feminist. But it's not always all about feminist theory, right? (I don't even know if Jay-Z is a feminist.)