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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cara Delevingne wouldn't use the 'gay' label, but doesn't mind it either

Cara Delevingne recently said that she was very happy in her relationship with her girlfriend. However, she wouldn't put a label on it, and wouldn't call herself 'gay'. On the other hand, she wouldn't mind other people calling her that, either. What do we think?

Tara: Well, straight people don't go around calling themselves straight, so if there's to be equality, we shouldn't expect people in same-sex relationships to need to have a label if they don't want to.

Katie: I agree. She should just do what she wants to, and people have to accept that.

Jess: I don't see what difference it makes. People are calling her gay anyway, and she doesn't mind anyway.

Tara: It does make a difference. People may call you straight or heterosexual, and you likely don't mind, but what nobody expects you to do is to go around saying that you are 'proudly straight' or something like that. So Cara's attitude is another step towards equality.

Jess: OK, I see it now.

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