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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When Ivanka Trump can't just Enjoy Her Jewellery, we've collectively Sunk to a New Low

Ivanka Trump recently ordered some Jewellery online, and she received something she didn't expect: a handwritten note notifying her that the proceeds from her purchase have been donated to, amongst other organisations, the Hillary Clinton campaign.

I get the people behind this really hate Donald Trump.

But this is still uncalled for. A real Princess would never do this. It is, in my opinion, trashy behaviour.

Sure, they are welcome to donate to Hillary's campaign. But this, in my opinion, has been deliberately done out of contempt for the Trumps. After all, nobody else ordering the jewellery has received something like this. And while it is okay to have a strong opinion about Donald Trump's politics, it's not okay to bully his family to make your point. Indeed, if this kind of behaviour ever becomes acceptable and normal in society, we will have become less civilised for it.

Sometimes, everyone should just remember, our political opponents are people too.