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Friday, April 14, 2017

How We Can Respect Survivor USA's Zeke Smith From Here

The outing of Survivor USA's Zeke Smith as transgender has hit news headlines everywhere. As I understand it, this was an involuntary outing. As I understand it, Zeke wanted to be known for his game rather than for being the first trans contestant of Survivor.

And that's a perfectly valid wish we should all respect.

But can we still honour that wish, now that his story is all over the media? I think we actually can. Don't think of him as a 'trans contestant'. Just think of him like any other person, when you watch the show.

I mean, if you knew that a contestant was gay, would he suddenly have to become the 'gay contestant'? (That would actually be bigotry.) Or if you knew that a contestant liked to play football, would he suddenly have to become the 'footballer contestant'? (That would actually be stupid.)