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Friday, April 28, 2017

The Hillary Clinton Feminists vs The Bernie Sanders Feminists: What's The Point?

The recent controversy surrounding Bernie Sanders's support for a pro-life mayoral candidate has reginited the Hillary Feminists vs Bernie Feminists battle. The 2016 election may be well behind us now, but the fight just won't die down.

So it goes on. The Hillary feminists accused the Bernie feminists of refusing to support the would-be first female president. The Bernie feminists accused the Hillary feminists of refusing to support action on economic justice. The Hillary feminists now accuse the Bernie feminists of supporting somebody who happened to support one pro-life candidate for mayor (mayors don't get to make abortion laws!). The Bernie feminists now point out that Tim Kaine, Hillary's would-have-been vice president, was also personally pro-life (but he voted pro-choice, so what's their problem?).

This is the problem with today's self-styled progressive activists. They need everything to be perfect, from their point of view. They pick fights with the wrong people. And they respect nobody else's conscience, if it differs from their own.

Knowing this, I shouldn't have been surprised when Donald Trump won last year.

People, focus on things that really matter. Hillary vs Bernie doesn't matter anymore, by the way.