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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Medicine must be one of the best Kelly Clarkson songs ever. Seriously.

For me, A Moment Like This will always be the best Kelly Clarkson song. However, Medicine should come close, or at least not too far behind.

I mean, the songs sound very different: A Moment Like This was a slower ballad, and Medicine is very upbeat. But they are both passionate and emotional. And passion and emotion make for great songs. Medicine also has the more interesting lyrics: saying that a bad relationship is 'not my medicine' is surely quite a novel way of putting it. The question is, will this saying catch on in the wider world?

As for the TaraElla song I would pick to go with Medicine, it's a difficult choice, but Not That Kind Of Retro is the one that comes to mind. I mean, both have the 'not' factor: 'I'm not that kind of retro' vs 'you're not my medicine'. Both are novel sayings, as we don't (yet) hear both phrases being widely used in everyday life. Both are also upbeat songs.