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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Zedd and Maren Morris are unexpectedly good in The Middle. Does this mean Maren will be the next Taylor Swift?

Zedd the EDM DJ. Maren Morris the country singer. I would have imagined that these two would go together like custard and onions. In fact, I would never have imagined them working on a song together. And if I was told they would work together, I would have imagined something really, really weird.

Which means that I was quite pleasantly surprised by their latest hit, The Middle. Maren's vocals was very suitable for the song. On the other hand, the song showcased Maren's great vocal strength, perhaps even better than her own country hits have been able to do so, to date. Perhaps Maren should try to do more than just country music in the future. Perhaps she may even be the next Taylor Swift.

The TaraElla song I would choose to go with The Middle is Your Love Makes The World Beautiful. Well, not the version I recorded and released in 2014, but I can imagine the combination of Zedd and Maren Morris doing a cover of it, and making it sound really spectacular. If only I could get them interested in doing such a cover. But if you agree with me here, perhaps you can help suggest that they consider doing this cover?