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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Storm in a teacup: the Mystery of Who Bit Beyonce

This is how a storm in a teacup started. In a recent interview in GQ magazine, Tiffany Hadish revealed that she saw a unnamed female celebrity walk right up to Beyonce and bit her on the face, at a party she had attended. The female celebrity was probably on drugs. It is not even clear which event Hadish was talking about, but some speculate it to be a Jay-Z concert from late last year. Anyway, somehow people got interested, and media outlets have been asking celebrities and their representatives about the incident, of which most responded that they knew nothing about it.

Several celebrities, including Lena Dunham, even took to twitter to post their denial of being that unnamed celebrity or having any knowledge of that incident.

Which sounds like the perfect storm in a teacup. I mean, Hollywood has never been about serious stuff, but in a time when the world is facing multiple crises and there are lots of debates to be had on various issues, this is what you want to waste your time on? I mean, come on!