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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Happy New Year

Here's wishing you all a happy 2018!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

TaraElla Show 2018

A new TaraElla show experience is coming in 2018.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

John Legend Tackles Toxic Masculinity. Good on him!

John Legend recently talked about his plan to fight toxic masculinity in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

Good on him! It's time men started challenging the rigid gender-based stereotypes as they apply to society.

While the gender binary is useful, meaningful, perhaps even fundamental for 99% of the population, rigid stereotyping in the form of toxic masculinity (or straitjacket femininity) is unhealthy for everyone.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I get that Donald Trump hates the Media. But this is really getting too Obsessive!

Everybody knows how much Donald Trump absolutely hates the media. In fact, a recent poll saw 70% of respondents say that they think he hates the media more than white supremacists. Democrats and Republicans alike agreed with the statement by a majority.

I personally happen to get that impression too.

Which means it's really a wake-up call for Trump. It really is unbecoming of a president to hate the media more than people who actually threaten to tear the fabric of society apart.

You know, many people don't like the media, but The Donald is really too obsessed with it. Maybe he should just quit the presidency and start his own media. (It would be interesting to see if his new company will take much of Fox News's current audience or not.)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

So Taylor Swift has become Fully Tabloid. I guess it's her choice. Or Maybe Not.

Taylor Swift's new single What You Made Me Do has broken all sorts of records. In a way, I do like the song. But in another way, I really can't hide my disappointment.

This is the end of the Old Taylor, the serious musician. As Taylor herself says in the song, the Old Taylor is dead. Long live tabloid Taylor, who will feed the public's every need for obsessing with celebrity feuds! I still can't believe she gave into that!

But then I guess it's her choice. You can't stop people from doing what they want.

Or maybe not. Because, the tough reality is that, if you want to stay on top of the music chart game, then you need lots of attention and popularity. In times like these, how else is anyone going to get that except by going fully tabloid? I mean, many people don't even listen to the full song nowadays. How can a serious musician compete with a tabloid celebrity in the popularity game?

p.s. I would like to see Taylor Swift run for president some day. That way, we'll surely get lots of debate about what 'I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me, I'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams' really means.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Game Of Thrones: The Lesson of Littlefinger's Demise

The recent season finale of Game Of Thrones saw the demise of one of its most hated characters, Littlefinger. In the end, his scheming simply backfired. It seems that, even in the fictional world, you can't always get what you want by turning people against each other.

Which really is a lesson some so-called social justice activists need to learn. You know, including the so-called radical feminists who want to use the LGBT community to push their 1970s style 'abolish gender' stuff on the general public, thus causing lots of backlash and pain for LGBTs everywhere. Or the tradition-hating anarchists who dress their ideology up as some kind of Marxism or revolutionary socialism, while painting all liberalism as neoliberalism, misleading thousands of college students out there. You know, one day people will wake up.

It's okay to believe in what you believe and preach it. It's just not okay to mislead people, like Littlefinger did all his life.

p.s. Real LGBTs are simply minorities who don't threaten the mainstream way of life. Granting them equality is simply basic decency. If you are concerned about radical feminism, take it up with the mostly straight radical feminists. Don't take it out on marriage equality.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

From Caitlyn Jenner to Australia Day: Social Justice Warriors really need to be More Practical.

The recent decision by reality TV personality Caitlyn Jenner to cover Dude Looks Like A Lady has caused outrage among online social justice warriors (SJWs). The song, interpreted as transphobic by some, has always been controversial. Yet the fact that it is Caitlyn Jenner, a transwoman, who has decided to cover it, should logically mean there is no need for outrage this time. Several queer commentators have also said that people who get outraged over this are simply too easily triggered and lack humour. As with everything, it's the context that's matter. Furthermore, stirring controversy in this way would likely reduce public sympathy to trans rights. As always, SJWs are often too quickly to jump at apparent injustice, without looking at the context and consequences.

Meanwhile, half the world away in Australia, there is increasing controversy over Australia Day (sort of equivalent to the fourth of July in America), because it commemorates the day of the arrival of the British and hence represents a day of invasion for some people. Two city councils have decided that they will not be celebrating Australia Day next January. The Australian federal government has responded by revoking the councils' power to conduct citizenship ceremony. As expected, Australian SJWs are getting really upset over all this. However, all this is sort of meaningless anyway. Two councils can't change the date of Australia day. A national referendum would likely be needed. And there won't be the numbers to win the referendum if one was held. In addition, the fact that neither the government nor the Labor opposition (the Democrats' counterpart in Australia) support changing the date means that there won't be prospect of anything happening anytime soon.

Real injustice is happening every day out there. There are people everywhere who would benefit from practical change. Focusing on symbolic fights that ultimately get us nowhere only distracts us from the fights that really matter.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Diversity in Hollywood remains poor. What should we do?

A recent study by USC has showed that representation of women, ethnic minorities and LGBTI people in Hollywood remains stuck at about the same level as 2007. Clearly more needs to be done.

But what can be done?

It would really not be meaningful to just add a few more token characters here and there. This may fill the quota, but will really add nothing to our cultural consciousness. It's like how affirmative action programs often make things better on paper without making things better in reality.

I suggest that we should all help encourage more diverse voices and perspectives to enter the mainstream consciousness. Since many movies are based on written text, perhaps we should start there. Putting it in market terms, there's both a supply side issue, i.e. minorities often aren't as encouraged to write about their experiences as much, and a demand side issue, i.e. minorities' work don't get read as much, and don't often get widespread mainstream attention. The demand side issue is especially one that we can all help to fix, I believe.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Ina Garten loves to cook to Taylor Swift. Who would have thought?

Celebrity chef Ina Garten has revealed that her favourite music to cook to is Taylor Swift's most recent album 1989.

Who would have thought?

I mean, the album is nice, but I never even thought of it as music for cooking. But then, I don't cook either, so perhaps I wouldn't understand.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Will Donald Trump finally listen to Jackie Evancho now? (It actually doesn't matter that much.)

Donald Trump's inauguration singer Jackie Evancho has been waiting to meet the president for some time, to talk about trans rights. (For those who haven't been following this story, Evancho's sister Juliet is trans.) So far, Trump has not yet answered her request.

Now Jackie Evancho will instead take her message to the platform of television. An TLC special about her family will air across the US on 9 August.

This means Donald Trump finally has a chance to listen. But will he? Perhaps it really is a bit too optimistic to even wish that he will.

But that won't matter too much, because millions of Americans will be listening. In the end, personal stories are what can change people's minds, not a president's actions.

Real change is always bottom-up, and change is always won by convincing real, everyday people out there. The politics is not unimportant, but way, way more secondary. Perhaps we should all remember this, especially in the face of politicians like Trump.

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