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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Diversity in Hollywood remains poor. What should we do?

A recent study by USC has showed that representation of women, ethnic minorities and LGBTI people in Hollywood remains stuck at about the same level as 2007. Clearly more needs to be done.

But what can be done?

It would really not be meaningful to just add a few more token characters here and there. This may fill the quota, but will really add nothing to our cultural consciousness. It's like how affirmative action programs often make things better on paper without making things better in reality.

I suggest that we should all help encourage more diverse voices and perspectives to enter the mainstream consciousness. Since many movies are based on written text, perhaps we should start there. Putting it in market terms, there's both a supply side issue, i.e. minorities often aren't as encouraged to write about their experiences as much, and a demand side issue, i.e. minorities' work don't get read as much, and don't often get widespread mainstream attention. The demand side issue is especially one that we can all help to fix, I believe.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Ina Garten loves to cook to Taylor Swift. Who would have thought?

Celebrity chef Ina Garten has revealed that her favourite music to cook to is Taylor Swift's most recent album 1989.

Who would have thought?

I mean, the album is nice, but I never even thought of it as music for cooking. But then, I don't cook either, so perhaps I wouldn't understand.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Will Donald Trump finally listen to Jackie Evancho now? (It actually doesn't matter that much.)

Donald Trump's inauguration singer Jackie Evancho has been waiting to meet the president for some time, to talk about trans rights. (For those who haven't been following this story, Evancho's sister Juliet is trans.) So far, Trump has not yet answered her request.

Now Jackie Evancho will instead take her message to the platform of television. An TLC special about her family will air across the US on 9 August.

This means Donald Trump finally has a chance to listen. But will he? Perhaps it really is a bit too optimistic to even wish that he will.

But that won't matter too much, because millions of Americans will be listening. In the end, personal stories are what can change people's minds, not a president's actions.

Real change is always bottom-up, and change is always won by convincing real, everyday people out there. The politics is not unimportant, but way, way more secondary. Perhaps we should all remember this, especially in the face of politicians like Trump.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Margaret Atwood is right. Being feminist doesn't necessarily mean agreeing with other women.

Handmaid's Tale author Margaret Atwood recently said that being a feminist doesn't mean always agreeing with everything every woman says (is that even possible?), or blindly supporting someone and their policies or beliefs just because they are a woman. Atwood specifically gave British Prime Minister Theresa May as an example of a woman she doesn't necessarily agree with.

I have to say I personally have a much better view of Theresa May. But otherwise, I do agree with Margaret Atwood. Feminism means supporting equal rights regardless of gender. It doesn't mean supporting women for the sake of supporting women.

During the Rudd-Gillard wars in Australia (2010-2013), I really didn't appreciate other feminists who thought of me as less of a feminist because I chose to support Rudd. I wasn't going to give Gillard a free pass even if she was Australia's first female prime minister. It was during this period that I started strongly rejecting the idea that feminists must always support other women. During the Clinton-Sanders wars in America (2016), I personally supported Clinton, but I didn't think it was any less feminist to support Sanders, if one's politics was more in line with his platform. I proudly stated this to my friends, both Clinton and Sanders supporters. Perhaps because some prominent feminists were Sanders supporters, or perhaps because I was already personally supporting Clinton, this time this particular stance was much more well received.

The bottom line is this: being a feminist doesn't mean putting having a female president ahead of everything else. (By the way, if that was the case, would we all need to support Sarah Palin, should she become the Republican candidate? I really hope not.)

p.s. No disrespect to Gillard. The Rudd-Gillard thing is over now, and both former PMs have handled themselves with grace after their departure from politics.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Justin Bieber has reportedly been banned from touring China. Maybe he will finally learn his lesson.

It is reported that Justin Bieber has been banned from touring China as part of his Asian tour this year.

While the exact reasons for the ban are not entirely clear, there is speculation that this may be related to his repeated insensitivity towards Chinese culture and sentiment. His actions during 2013-14 clearly seriously offended many ethnic Chinese, not just in China but across the world.

Maybe it's time Justin (and his many fans) learned a lesson: you can't get away with offending people repeatedly. Being nice has its benefits, and being offensive is not cool. Also, cultural sensitivity is not optional, especially when you are a guest in another country.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Is Ed Sheeran a Misogynist? Perhaps we should think more.

British singer Ed Sheeran was possibly forced to take drastic action on his twitter acccount after Buzzfeed published an article about some of his old tweets that they found, which sounded offensive and sexist. Soon after, he took his whole twitter account offline, and then only reactivate it after bulk deleting many, many tweets.

Of course, talk about Ed Sheeran being a probable misogynist also started flying around the internet.

But maybe we should think clearer. Tweets are essentially meaningless when taken out of context. Which was what that Buzzfeed article actually did. A main drawback of twitter is that it is difficult to determine what context everything was said in.

Therefore, this feminist is not convinced that there is anywhere near enough evidence to accuse Ed Sheeran of misogyny.

In addition, I think we should reflect on the sometimes hysterical nature of online feminist activism. Just this year so far, we have seen feminist hysteria surrounding Ed Sheeran, Jay-Z, Ivanka Trump, and even Bernie Sanders. Somehow, angry mobs are everywhere on the internet, and nobody is safe. You know, all this stupidity can only lead to the discrediting of feminism eventually. Which will be a real tragedy.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Katy Perry hopes to end feud with Taylor Swift. I really hope she is sincere.

Katy Perry has recently said in multiple interviews that she hopes to end her feud with Taylor Swift.

But it still isn't clear what this conflict was about. Or if it even ever existed at all.

I mean, I do have a long-standing suspicion that this feud perhaps never even existed. That perhaps, just maybe, Katy Perry was imagining it, for whatever reason. Especially since there is no clear evidence that Taylor Swift ever even acknowledged its existence. And no, the Bad Blood video does not count, as there was no evidence that it was directed at Katy Perry (or directed at anyone in particular at all).

In any case, I really hope Katy Perry is sincere about putting it all to an end. We're sick of hearing about this likely non-existant feud. I really hope she's not just acting out and trying to drag out the story for even longer. Because it is really becoming ridiculous.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hayley Williams Shows Us Success is not just External

Hayley Williams recently revealed that she briefly quit Paramore in 2015, due to depression.

I thought the revelation was surprising.

But I also think it shows us something very important: success isn't just externally determined. You can have every success out there, yet if you feel unwell inside, you may not be able to feel any of that happiness. You may even feel like you need to walk away from it all.

I think it's time society had a conversation over this topic.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lady Gaga is Right About the Haters (and let's include Trump too)

Lady Gaga recently talked about seeing negative people on the internet, and concluded that 'I never have to meet any of these people'.

Yes, that's the right attitude to have about haters. You know, some people are just extreme, hateful, or downright weird.

We just have to ignore them.

p.s. With regard to these people to ignore, I do mean to include a certain high-profile American politician who regularly uses Twitter. If only the world would just ignore his tweets from his personal account from now on. I mean, they don't affect government policy, right?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lorde is the Woke Queen. Or is she? What if she got Even More Woke?

Lorde has been praised by intersectional feminists around the world, ever since she said that feminism is not all about privileged, white women like herself. Some have even called her the new 'Woke Queen' (whatever that is supposed to mean).

This outpouring of positivity isn't unexpected. Especially as a minority of radical feminists continue to hold tight to the fantasy that Taylor Swift is the biggest 'White Feminist' in the music industry (something which has no basis in reality), they might have believed that the had just found the anti-Swift they had been looking for, for almost a decade. I mean, Lorde made all the right noises, she spoke the right language, to get the patronage of this crowd.

But then, what if she got more, well, 'woke'? Let's imagine that she came to the realization that many of the boundaries and taboos of mainstream feminism has been alienating women of color all along, and spoke out about that. Let's imagine that she decided to call for a feminism truly without gatekeepers. Would the feminist establishment be so welcoming of her still? I highly doubt it.

p.s. this post isn't meant to be taken as negative opinion on Lorde. It's good that she is attempting to be intersectional with her feminism, it's just that I wouldn't call her 'woke' so soon. I have to know if she will just be a mouthpiece for mainstream feminism or if she will really think for herself.

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