Friday, July 31, 2015

Life Journey Ideas :: How Awkward Taylor Swift Can Inspire Your Life

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular cultural icons of these times, so we can probably learn something from her. Unlike many more 'perfect' stars, one of her major appeals is her awkwardness. In fact, there are whole blogs out there celebrating her awkward dancing, for example.

So why do people love seeing awkward Taylor? I think the answer lies in her willingness to try, even though she is not perfect. Too many people only do things when they can only do it perfectly. But that isn't what life should be about! Taylor has earned our respect by her willingness to try different things, even if they may look awkward by others' standards. What's even more important is that she doesn't seem to care how others see her. That earns her a double layer of respect.

Is there a lesson for our lives here? I bet there is.

Download the full song here.

Friday, July 10, 2015

The New TaraElla Show

The new TaraElla show is coming soon.

New features will include:
*Tara's Fighting Ideas - life is a fight to get through sometimes. I will share my ideas on how to get through this fight called life, and we will fight our way to a great future together. With the right attitude, we can conquer any crisis.
*Tara's Castle Ideas - I do not have a physical castle somewhere in Europe, but I have a castle of culture and values. Like every other princess, she will defend and maintain well her castle.
*Tara's Audition Series - I am preparing to audition for musical shows. But it will take some practice. You, my audience, are invited to be part of this journey of preparation.

Plus, of course, all your favorite entertainment news and opinion, which will still be a large part of the new format.