Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thanks Selena Gomez. We Should All Stand Up to Bullying, in Any Form.

Selena Gomez recently told the world how bad she felt when she was having treatment for lupus earlier this year, and the media was calling her fat.

In my opinion, this was bullying, and Selena was right to take a stand against it. In fact, everyone involved in calling her fat should now be ashamed. It was not just some fun game you were playing, it was a real human being you were hurting. And I believe that had Selena spoken up earlier, this bullying would have ended immediately back then, too.

For everyone else currently or previously being bullied, maybe you can learn a thing from Selena too. It's often in our nature to not tell the world that we're hurt, that we're fine with whatever people say, even though we're not. This is not helpful, however. Tell the world how you're feeling, how they've hurt you, and that it's not OK. It's the only way bullying will end. And maybe, just maybe, the bullies themselves will be human enough to be ashamed of their actions too.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ariana Grande Kissed a Girl then Laughed. I'm Disappointed, Frankly.

I'm not sure where the trend started, but too many people have taken 'pretend gay' actions just for fun. The latest appears to be Ariana Grande, who posted a video (by mistake, she claims) of herself kissing another girl and then having a laugh.

As a strong gay and lesbian community ally, I have to say that I am frankly very disappointed. Imagine if someone pretended to be disabled and then having a laugh. I don't think it would be very well received, especially in the entertainment industry. However, the same industry has been more than OK with things like Britney Spears fake-kissing Madonna (2003), Katy Perry's ultimately disrespectful hit I Kissed A Girl (2008), and now this. It's really time people stop pretending it's OK.

Pretending to be something and then having a laugh is really the same as laughing at that something. There's no way around this, in my opinion. Even anti-PC me needs to say this. Sorry.

Download the full song here.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The New, Modest Janet Jackson? Very Welcome Indeed!

Janet Jackson has been dressing much more modestly recently, and this has got the media speculating on reasons. Some think it may be out of respect of her husband's Muslim beliefs.

Whatever the reason, I think it's a very welcome thing. If only she could have done it in 2004, it would have made quite the statement. Still not too late to change now, really. If the star at the centre of one of the biggest 'wardrobe malfunction' controversies of all time can change, it just says that everyone else can too.

Will other celebrities follow suit? It's too early to tell, but if they do, it will be the beginning of a revolution. Whilst I'm not being judgemental of those who don't dress modest, there really is no reason for musicians and actresses to have such a high rate of skin exposure. It's not healthy for body image reasons, frankly. And choosing to be healthy is something we can always support.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Justin Bieber and JoJo: Comebacks Show Us People Do Better With Age

Justin Bieber's recent comeback with What Do You Mean has not only topped the charts, it has got people talking too. Many Bieber fans (or Beliebers - or do they still say that?) have said that they miss him so much, and are so happy that he's back. But what strikes me most is how much he's improved. I mean, it probably didn't sound so bad at the time, but Baby does seem silly in retrospect, almost just as bad as Friday by Rebecca Black in that regard. What Do You Mean sounds so much better, really. The Biebs was always going to make a great artist, it was just not going to be in 2010. Five more years was what it took.

But Justin Bieber isn't the only comeback this year, nor is his the most spectacular, in my opinion. That would have to be JoJo. JoJo's first release, Leave (Get Out), topped the charts in mid 2004, when she was 13. Which is quite an achievement. But really, it's nothing compared to her latest stuff. Tracks like When Love Hurts and Say Love show an emotional maturity that just wasn't there before. Which is not surprising, considering that JoJo is now in her mid twenties. She has always had a great voice, but the new emotional depth to her songs has allowed her to use that voice much better.

Contrary to the media's obsession with being young forever, people do actually do better with age - even just going from their teens to their twenties, as these examples show.