Friday, June 20, 2014

Three Questions: Iggy Azalea

If I ever get to interview Iggy, here are the three questions I would like to ask.

1. You have put emphasis on saying that you are 'real'. In fact, in your lyrics for Fancy, you say 'first things first, I'm the realest'. Why do you have to do that, though? I am not going to doubt that you are 'real' either way, you know. Of all the singers that I have listened to, I think Katie Melua would likely be the 'realest', yet I don't hear her going around saying that at all. What does 'I'm the realest' mean anyway?

2. You have a very special story. You know, living in rural Australia, then going to the US on your own, and finding your feet there. We want to know more, seriously. Will you write an autobiography someday?

3. Having lived in both Australia and different parts of the US, you are quite a mix of cultures, right? I have a similar experience and I think it makes me the unique person that I am. How would you say that the different cultures have shaped you?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Three Questions: Miley Cyrus

If I ever get to interview Miley, here are the three questions I would like to ask. I know that these are quite tough questions, but life is all about asking the tough questions, right?

1. You said that what we are seeing now is the real you, rather than what you were in the past few years. I have to say that I was a fan of the 'old' you. Can you look me in the eye and tell me that I was a fan of a fake persona all that time?

2. It's definitely all right that you want to live your life a certain way. However, if I was having lunch in a restaurant and the lady sitting at the table next to me suddenly took off their clothes and started licking the tables and chairs, I would feel quite offended. Not that I think people can't ever do these things if that's what they like, but there's a time and place for everything, and I think you would agree that actions like that would be suited more to a private audience, and I really shouldn't be forced to watch while I eat. Whilst I haven't had the misfortune of having that exact appearance, a few months back I had a very similar experience. You see, your Wrecking Ball video was on TV at a restaurant where I ate. Don't you think that was a bit, well, inappropriate?

3. You are very positive towards marijuana, I understand. However, there is some evidence that marijuana can be harmful for the brain. I do believe people should be able to live however they choose to, and therefore I believe in marijuana legalisation. But I also believe that people choosing a particular course of action should have all the information available to them. Don't you think that glorifying marijuana whilst not mentioning any of the potential cons to its use may not be the most responsible thing to do?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I 'Hate Iggy Azalea' Because I 'Hate Hip Hop'? Not really.

After my recent comments about my dislike of Iggy Azalea's current hit Fancy, some have apparently linked that to my previous comments a few years ago about my then negative views about hip hop. Well, firstly I have made it clear that I don't hate hip hop anymore, I was concerned about the racism, sexism and homophobia it sometimes displayed, but I think things are getting better there. Hip hop will never be my favourite genre, but I have nothing against it. I even promoted Macklemore's Same Love amongst my friends last year!

And I don't hate Iggy either. I don't hate people without good reason. I only hate people whose actions have negative consequences on others' lives - like Australia's current Prime Minister Tony Abbott (look it up if you want to know how bad he is). However, I have to honestly say that I dislike that song. I don't understand how anyone would like it either - all I can say is that I respect everyone's tastes in music.

In short: It was purely about dislike of a song, not a person, and definitely not a whole genre.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Miley "grotesque" and "disgusting"? I Think She Actually Needs Help

There have been rumours that one well known musician said that Miley Cyrus's recent VMA performance was "grotesque" and "disgusting", rumours that have since been reported to be false. (In the interest of not spreading false rumours, I will not name the said celebrity.) Even though we now know the story is untrue, some of my friends did say that they agreed that the performance would deserve those harsh words. One even said that everything Miley did in the past year would fit that description.

I myself have been quite harsh on Miley too, shocked by her sudden change. She was one of my favourite artists before, you know. But on further thinking, maybe I was a bit too tough. Honestly, I have to say that the VMA performance was horrible, as were most of the recent performances and music videos. But really, in Miley I still see someone in need of help rather than condemnation.

Surely I don't like her new music anymore. It doesn't mean I have no sympathy about her condition. I think she doesn't know how to 'grow up' and project a confident, interesting and unique persona. Surely, being controversial gets people talking. But I think one has to understand that there are better ways to be 'interesting'. I hope she learns one day. I also happen to think that this is a problem facing many young people today. I think it's something we all need to think about, collectively.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Iggy Azalea's Fancy: Most Annoying #1 Ever?

The latest Billboard Hot 100 #1 is not your average #1 hit. It's a rap hit by a white Australian woman, who however raps in a Southern accent. This alone has caused lots of controversy. I personally don't believe that just because someone is white or Australian they should not rap, but I do think her voice is so annoying! And her attitude is, frankly, off putting.

By the way, here she is:

What do you think? Do you agree with me?