Monday, September 17, 2018

Real Friends should have been the breakout hit for Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello stunned the world last year with her single Havana, which went to number one in several places around the world. To be fair, I acutally enjoyed Havana quite a lot, it was my song of the month last October. It was also quite a special song.

But I have to say that, Camila's new one, Real Friends, is even better. It's one that you can enjoy with your friends, sitting back and relaxing. I mean, it's kind of ironic that the lyrics are actually about the lack of real friends and the many fake people out there. But the way the song sounds, it's really made for hanging out with some real friends.

The TaraElla song that I would choose to go with Real Friends would be Beauty. They both have the same kind of relaxed vibe to them. I mean, Beauty doesn't have the kind of irony about the lyrics, but both are the kind of song that you would enjoy with your friends, sitting back and relaxing.