Friday, October 2, 2015

Justin Bieber and JoJo: Comebacks Show Us People Do Better With Age

Justin Bieber's recent comeback with What Do You Mean has not only topped the charts, it has got people talking too. Many Bieber fans (or Beliebers - or do they still say that?) have said that they miss him so much, and are so happy that he's back. But what strikes me most is how much he's improved. I mean, it probably didn't sound so bad at the time, but Baby does seem silly in retrospect, almost just as bad as Friday by Rebecca Black in that regard. What Do You Mean sounds so much better, really. The Biebs was always going to make a great artist, it was just not going to be in 2010. Five more years was what it took.

But Justin Bieber isn't the only comeback this year, nor is his the most spectacular, in my opinion. That would have to be JoJo. JoJo's first release, Leave (Get Out), topped the charts in mid 2004, when she was 13. Which is quite an achievement. But really, it's nothing compared to her latest stuff. Tracks like When Love Hurts and Say Love show an emotional maturity that just wasn't there before. Which is not surprising, considering that JoJo is now in her mid twenties. She has always had a great voice, but the new emotional depth to her songs has allowed her to use that voice much better.

Contrary to the media's obsession with being young forever, people do actually do better with age - even just going from their teens to their twenties, as these examples show.