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Monday, August 24, 2015

Castle Ideas :: Cultural Improvement :: Equality Movements Should Be Tolerant

It's a great thing to be involved in social movements to bring about inclusion and equality, I believe. Every generation on Earth should make this a better place for all. However, we should not forget our ultimate aim to be a society of freedom and tolerance, when faced with those who are opposed to change.

For example, it pains me that the marriage equality movement, something I have been passionately involved with for more than a decade now, has in recent years been accused of intolerance. Of course, we would like the world to be more accepting and inclusive for all. However, to say that businesses who do not wish to be involved in same sex weddings deserve to be out of business for their 'bigotry' is really not on. I am ashamed of my fellow equality supporters who say things like this. Not to mention more serious 'action', like the boycott of Mozilla Firefox last year.

I am sure that equality and inclusion, including in marriage equality, will come with time. Perhaps in a generation almost everyone will accept same sex marriages. It's not unlikely, the way trends are going. But to force people to come on board really defeats our goals of tolerance and freedom, right?