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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Idina Menzel covering Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler? It looks likely in 2017!

Here at the TaraElla show, we all love Let It Go, especially the Idina Menzel version. You see, I even made a cover of it, with slightly altered lyrics:

Let It Go effectively introduced the great voice of Idina Menzel to the world (the part of the world that doesn't watch Glee or go to Broadway shows, anyway). And even without the extensive commercial promotion that top 40 charting usually requires, it peaked at #5 on the Billboard top 100 in 2014. I was wishing and waiting for it to grab that top spot, but sadly, it didn't happen.

But now, there may finally be a chance for Idina to get that number one. She has signed on for a remake of the 1988 classic movie Beaches, which features the Bette Midler classic Wind Beneath My Wings. The movie premiers on Lifetime in 2017. The question is: will she get to sing Wind Beneath My Wings? I think it's likely.

Will they release it for downloads? I hope so. It might just give her that chart topper.