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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why I'm Happy that Chelsea Clinton isn't Running for President yet

Recent news that Chelsea Clinton has indicated she won't be running for president has devastated some of my friends. I mean, some of them were seeing her as a 'last hope', or at least someone to rally around in the Trump era.

But the reality is, Chelsea is still very young, and probably isn't ready to be president anytime soon anyway. The presidency is a job for people with experience, and it probably isn't something people should think about aiming for when they don't have enough experience yet. Experience make great presidents. Or should I say, experience does not always mean great presidents, but great presidents do require a fair bit of experience.

I am also optimistic that, by the time Chelsea Clinton is ready to run for president, a lot would have changed in between. The Trump era doesn't last forever, you know. Other great leaders would have emerged in the meanwhile, perhaps including America's first female president. If Chelsea gets entangled in the issues of right now, she may be seen as tired, old voice by then, having (inevitably) shifted her positions several times to adapt to changing circumstances. Therefore, I also think her decision to stay out of the 'trouble' for now is a wise one.