Saturday, June 24, 2017

Feminism Must Not Discredit Itself Over Ivanka Trump

In recent weeks, a section of the feminist community has again stepped up its attacks on Ivanka Trump, with someone even declaring her a danger to feminism. On the other hand, conservative criticism that this proves the exclusionary nature of modern feminism is also ramping up.

You all know my attitude on this. You may think this is about me sympathising with Ivanka for some reason. But the real thing I'm concerned about is feminism itself. To put it bluntly: some feminists are discrediting feminism over Ivanka Trump. No matter what you think of Ivanka, this sounds like a tragedy.

Even before all the drama about Ivanka and feminism, many people out there already perceived feminism to be too political, to be about a specific political agenda, and to be a movement that conservative people cannot join. It seems that, unfortunately, some feminists don't mind providing evidence to support these accusations. Make no mistake: the 'movement' to exclude Ivanka Trump from feminism is undoing the great work of other feminists educating the public on what feminism truly is. If feminism is about gender equality and only gender equality, it should logically have nothing bad to say about Ivanka, after all.

I never supported Donald Trump's candidacy and presidency, and in light of recent developments I have developed an even dimmer view of him. But Donald is Donald, and Ivanka is Ivanka. If feminism cannot get this right, it will be discredited for at least a generation. And we cannot afford that.