Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Is Ed Sheeran a Misogynist? Perhaps we should think more.

British singer Ed Sheeran was possibly forced to take drastic action on his twitter acccount after Buzzfeed published an article about some of his old tweets that they found, which sounded offensive and sexist. Soon after, he took his whole twitter account offline, and then only reactivate it after bulk deleting many, many tweets.

Of course, talk about Ed Sheeran being a probable misogynist also started flying around the internet.

But maybe we should think clearer. Tweets are essentially meaningless when taken out of context. Which was what that Buzzfeed article actually did. A main drawback of twitter is that it is difficult to determine what context everything was said in.

Therefore, this feminist is not convinced that there is anywhere near enough evidence to accuse Ed Sheeran of misogyny.

In addition, I think we should reflect on the sometimes hysterical nature of online feminist activism. Just this year so far, we have seen feminist hysteria surrounding Ed Sheeran, Jay-Z, Ivanka Trump, and even Bernie Sanders. Somehow, angry mobs are everywhere on the internet, and nobody is safe. You know, all this stupidity can only lead to the discrediting of feminism eventually. Which will be a real tragedy.