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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

With Heaven (from Fifty Shades Freed), Julia Michaels has proven that she is no One Hit Wonder.

Last year, Julia Michaels burst onto the scene with her debut single Issues. Well written both lyrically and musically, it quickly became popular. It also introduced us to Julia's superb vocals. However, her next two hits were, in my humble opinion, much less spectacular. I was ready to put Julia Michaels down for a one hit wonder, to be honest.

But the release of the Fifty Shades Freed movie earlier this year brought us yet another Julia Michaels song, Heaven. And this one was surprisingly good. I mean, it's far from my usual style, but even I can appreciate it. Her vocals were really suitable too. And while the song's version of heaven is definitely NOT my version of heaven, it sounds really good, especially if you ignore the lyrics (which I don't agree with, sorry).

As for the TaraElla song I would pick to go with Heaven, I guess I'll go for a strong contrast, picking The Princess's Spirit. I mean, Heaven sounds very dark, and The Princess's Spirit is pure light. Also, while Heaven may be some people's version of heaven, The Princess's Spirit is close to my version of heaven.