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Monday, May 4, 2015

Angelle's Three Questions: Kim Kardashian

I wouldn't call myself a fan of Kim Kardashian, but I do have three important questions to ask her if I do get to meet her one day.

Question one: If you were instead just an average American young woman with an average income, and yet somebody offered you a chance to star in a reality TV show like the one you are currently doing (but obviously with a much more average lifestyle), would you still do it?

Question two: A lot of people look up to you and your family. This means you have a lot of cultural power, power to make people change their minds. Some people use their cultural power to advance causes like charity, or minority rights. I for one would surely like to have your global cultural power - I can just imagine the things I would be able to do with it. Is there anything that you wish to do for this world, using your cultural power?

Question three: Your previous 'marriage', the one that was shorter than a TV show season, offended many people who were passionate about the ideals of marriage. I am a strong believer in recognising what you did wrong in life, and making amends where possible. Do you regret what you did in any way? And if you do regret it, what would you do to make up for it?