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Monday, May 4, 2015

Is Your Life Just Too Bad? Or Is It How You Look At It?

Do you sometimes feel that your life just doesn't measure up? That perhaps you need a life much grander than what you currently have? That missed opportunities mean you just won't ever catch up with other people?

Don't worry, many people feel like this too sometimes. But often, it's just because people have the wrong perspective. The well described phenomenon of some people putting the best view of their lives on facebook for others to see, and other people feeling like a failure in life as a result of reading glamorous facebook updates from their friends, is a good example. But it doesn't just happen with facebook. In life, some people just have a talent in emphasizing the best parts of their life and feeling great as a result, whilst others tend to focus more on what they are missing out on.

If you are not born wired that way, learning to emphasize the best parts of your life may take some time. A good way to start is by taking out a piece of paper and brainstorming what good things you already have in your life. Another exercise you may try is to write down the dreams that you have always had, and think about in what ways you are already moving closer to those dreams, compared with a decade ago. Exercises like these can help you think about your life journey in a more fulfilling way.

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