Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chloe Moretz Wanted Plastic Surgery at 16

Chloe Moretz recently opened up about having wanted to have plastic surgery in the past, when she was 16. Whilst most of us agree that there has never been anything wrong with her, she said she wanted to have multiple procedures done.

The culture of unhealthy and stupid 'beauty standards' really does affect everyone. And it's still being upheld everywhere, despite some people paying lip service to changing things (heard it all before, even ten years ago).

Sadly, big media is never likely to change much in this respect, I've seen enough to know not to expect more of them. However, we can help change things, if only a bit, and if only bit by bit. It is up to independent writers, journalists and advocates like us to challenge these unhealthy ideas, and it's the only hope we have.

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