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Thursday, June 2, 2016

We think Demi Lovato is Right to take a stand re North Carolina's Bathroom Laws

Demi Lovato has been a prominent voice indeed in the fight against North Carolina's stupid 'bathroom laws', which are currently opposed by the Obama administration. Not only has she cancelled her recent concerts in the state (i.e. putting her beliefs ahead of financial gain), she is also selling a new shirt supporting 'bathroom equality', one which she has worn recently in her shows. Some have questioned why she is taking such dramatic action.

(A bit of background here: North Carolina has proposed new laws rigidly stating that one cannot legally enter a bathroom for the opposite sex, which is clearly aimed at the transgender population. There is clearly no need for this type of laws, apart from making life hard for some people.)

We think it's important for us to stand up against the bullying of minorities, and it's even more important for people who have a large audience reach to do so. Nothing will change, if we all just stay silent or half-heartedly voice our opinions and do nothing else. Thanks to people like Demi, more people have learnt about this issue, and are pressuring states like NC not to proceed with such stupid actions. So good on you, Demi!