Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Nevertheless, she persisted": Supergirl, perhaps the First Feminist Superhero Series

Supergirl has decided to end its second season with an episode titled 'nevertheless, she persisted', to the applause of feminists. The phrase of course was recently a popular feminist meme, arising from an exchange in Congress between Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

It's probably just the icing on the cake for what has probably become many feminists' favorite superhero series ever. I mean, there was an episode with a female president (filmed before the election, so I would assume that's a political statement), and a diverse range of feminist themes including gender roles and LGBT themes. Plus the fact that Melissa Benoist (who plays Supergirl) marched in the Women's March in January this year.

I think it's actually good to have a show like Supergirl, if only for the sake of balance. I mean, most superhero TV shows and movies have been catered to heterosexual males, and have often reflected a male-dominated worldview. I'm not saying that those shows aren't good. But Supergirl shows us the other side of the coin. Women and feminists can be superheroes too, you know?

p.s. I am still the Princess's Spirit girl. Which means I am still more into Princesses than Superheroes. But then, I'm happy to make an exception for Supergirl.

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