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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Will Donald Trump finally listen to Jackie Evancho now? (It actually doesn't matter that much.)

Donald Trump's inauguration singer Jackie Evancho has been waiting to meet the president for some time, to talk about trans rights. (For those who haven't been following this story, Evancho's sister Juliet is trans.) So far, Trump has not yet answered her request.

Now Jackie Evancho will instead take her message to the platform of television. An TLC special about her family will air across the US on 9 August.

This means Donald Trump finally has a chance to listen. But will he? Perhaps it really is a bit too optimistic to even wish that he will.

But that won't matter too much, because millions of Americans will be listening. In the end, personal stories are what can change people's minds, not a president's actions.

Real change is always bottom-up, and change is always won by convincing real, everyday people out there. The politics is not unimportant, but way, way more secondary. Perhaps we should all remember this, especially in the face of politicians like Trump.