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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

From Caitlyn Jenner to Australia Day: Social Justice Warriors really need to be More Practical.

The recent decision by reality TV personality Caitlyn Jenner to cover Dude Looks Like A Lady has caused outrage among online social justice warriors (SJWs). The song, interpreted as transphobic by some, has always been controversial. Yet the fact that it is Caitlyn Jenner, a transwoman, who has decided to cover it, should logically mean there is no need for outrage this time. Several queer commentators have also said that people who get outraged over this are simply too easily triggered and lack humour. As with everything, it's the context that's matter. Furthermore, stirring controversy in this way would likely reduce public sympathy to trans rights. As always, SJWs are often too quickly to jump at apparent injustice, without looking at the context and consequences.

Meanwhile, half the world away in Australia, there is increasing controversy over Australia Day (sort of equivalent to the fourth of July in America), because it commemorates the day of the arrival of the British and hence represents a day of invasion for some people. Two city councils have decided that they will not be celebrating Australia Day next January. The Australian federal government has responded by revoking the councils' power to conduct citizenship ceremony. As expected, Australian SJWs are getting really upset over all this. However, all this is sort of meaningless anyway. Two councils can't change the date of Australia day. A national referendum would likely be needed. And there won't be the numbers to win the referendum if one was held. In addition, the fact that neither the government nor the Labor opposition (the Democrats' counterpart in Australia) support changing the date means that there won't be prospect of anything happening anytime soon.

Real injustice is happening every day out there. There are people everywhere who would benefit from practical change. Focusing on symbolic fights that ultimately get us nowhere only distracts us from the fights that really matter.