Sunday, September 3, 2017

Game Of Thrones: The Lesson of Littlefinger's Demise

The recent season finale of Game Of Thrones saw the demise of one of its most hated characters, Littlefinger. In the end, his scheming simply backfired. It seems that, even in the fictional world, you can't always get what you want by turning people against each other.

Which really is a lesson some so-called social justice activists need to learn. You know, including the so-called radical feminists who want to use the LGBT community to push their 1970s style 'abolish gender' stuff on the general public, thus causing lots of backlash and pain for LGBTs everywhere. Or the tradition-hating anarchists who dress their ideology up as some kind of Marxism or revolutionary socialism, while painting all liberalism as neoliberalism, misleading thousands of college students out there. You know, one day people will wake up.

It's okay to believe in what you believe and preach it. It's just not okay to mislead people, like Littlefinger did all his life.

p.s. Real LGBTs are simply minorities who don't threaten the mainstream way of life. Granting them equality is simply basic decency. If you are concerned about radical feminism, take it up with the mostly straight radical feminists. Don't take it out on marriage equality.