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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kelly Osbourne to Lady Gaga: Do you really care about the gay community?

The feud between Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga has lasted quite a while already. But it seems it won't go away just yet, with Kelly revisiting her distaste for Gaga in a recent interview in Cosmopolitan magazine. And she also had something to say about Lady Gaga and her commitment to gay rights.

"You're feeding on the freaks and geeks to further your career? Do you really care about the gay community? Because if you did, you'd stand up for it more than you do," Kelly said.

I think Gaga does care about gay rights, at least to an extent. That's great. But I'm not sure if she ever thought of this: she's not exactly an example for family values. The gay rights movement is currently all about family values and family rights for gays. The way Gaga acts reduces her credibility on those issues. If she cared more, I guess she would act differently.

By TaraElla (News, Website)