Monday, July 25, 2016

Did she just get slammed as part of the Taylor Swift vs Kimye Feud, or does Selena Gomez really not Speak Up Enough?

During the recent twitter wars that was part of the Taylor vs Kimye feud, Selena Gomez tweeted that there were more important things to talk about, in response to Taylor haters getting all excited about her supposed 'downfall'. Trouble was that, she was soon criticised for not talking about the 'more important things', like the recent issues of gun violence and police brutality. And then some Latinos even suggested that, as a Latina, she didn't talk about Latino issues enough.

TaraElla: I think Selena should just be herself, and if it means what she is right now, then there's nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of other people to support those causes.

Jess: I really think it's just part of the feud. I think they were just out to get Selena. She should just ignore them.

Katie: But it's true that Selena appears to almost stand for nothing. It's sad when you could have helped changed the world, but don't.

TaraElla: But the important point is that, if she doesn't want to support a cause or take a political stand, that should be fine. There should be no pressure for people to say or do certain things, if they are not comfortable doing so. The fact that she is a Latina also doesn't mean she needs to be a champion for her race. My point is, nobody should ever be pressured into roles they aren't comfortable with.

Jess: The other thing is, the world isn't just all about social justice warriors, after all. Some people just want to be entertainers, and that's fine.

Selena Gomez - Same Old Love (cover/parody)

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