Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Taylor Swift vs Kanye West and Kim Kardashian: Is it Really #TaylorSwiftOverParty or Not?

Ever since Kim Kardashian's release of those SnapChat coversations between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, there has been polarised discussion, not only regarding whether the Kimye version was a true reflection of events, but also regarding whether Taylor Swift is 'fake and calculating', as some commentators have put it. Some anti-Taylor commentators have even (perhaps prematurely) said that Taylor's image is coming apart, that fans will now desert her.

TaraElla: So like all stories, there are now two version of events. And I am inclined to back Taylor's, on the overall evidence. It was stupid for Kanye to come up with his idea anyway, of revisiting those events in 2009. Taylor has been the victim of bullying in this event, and in anything relating to this event, I believe Taylor deserves to be believed more than Kanye. (A potential 'conflict of interest' declaration here: I was a major supporter of Taylor Swift's claim to those awards back in 2009, as readers of my blog and column may remember.)

Katie: But doesn't this all go back to the long-standing accusation that Taylor Swift has been fake all along? I mean, would the real Taylor Swift please stand up? It's almost like in the You Belong With Me music video, except that there has been more than two of her. For example, there's country princess Taylor, there's the Taylor from the Begin Again video, there's the Taylor we see now, and I think there have been more Taylors in between. All these seem like different people to me. In the beginning, when I only saw one single Taylor Swift, I quite liked her. But now? I really don't know if I like her, because, I don't really like ALL the Taylors I have seen. If she doesn't address this problem soon enough, it will eventually be #TaylorSwiftOverParty whether involving Kimye or not.

Jess: I'm with Katie here. If so many people think that Taylor is fake, and she cannot prove otherwise, then her authenticity deserves to be doubted. This is not to say Kim and Kanye are to be trusted either. I don't think Taylor's career is over or anything like that however. People like her, and don't care whether she's fake or not. I even read an article somewhere saying that Taylor Swift is a brilliant popstar because she is fake.

TaraElla: I guess people can change over time. That doesn't necessarily prove that they are fake. I've heard it all before, but I've yet to see evidence that Taylor Swift is indeed fake in any way.

Katie: But take, for example, her attitude on feminism. It was not long ago that she said it was not about 'boys vs girls'. Now she's soooooo feminist. It doesn't look believable to me.

Jess: Maybe she's just been 'educated'? I don't know, I'm just saying it's possible. Some people may do this. Still, with Taylor Swift, I don't have the confidence that she is acting real.

TaraElla: I guess you two may have a point about Taylor, at least that she may have 'confused' many people with her rapid personality changes. Maybe she should address this. Still, I tend to see this as an extension of 2009, Kanye as the bully and Taylor as the victim. You have to remember that it was a Kanye song that started it all, too.