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Friday, May 3, 2013

I Wasn't Judging Jennifer Love Hewitt

After my recent rant on Jennifer Love Hewitt and her dress, let me clarify this: I wasn't judging her. I don't do that. The title 'How Low Can You Go' was in reference to the dress, nothing more.

But I was indeed concerned. The Ellen show is for families and promotes acceptance, and such attire would destroy this spirit. Many women do not feel comfortable in attire like that, and I would like to stand up for their rights. In a place like Ellen nobody should ever feel the pressure to dress like that, and I was concerned about this precedent. Maybe Miss Hewitt was comfortable in making this choice, but it could still have implications for future guests on the show, I think. Just like how some music videos began to show more skin than usual, and now much of the music industry is under the same pressure.

That was all I was concerned about. Frankly, Miss Hewitt has every right to dress how she wants. I JUST WANT EVERYBODY TO BE HAPPY!

By TaraElla (News, Website)